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About the Worldview Diagram test

This test will help you discover your personal worldview! It is short and simple complete. It touches on some life questions that we believe many people need to answer for themselves. This test is a starting point in discovering what you believe and where you are heading in your life. We strongly encourage you to share and talk about your results with a friend. Join the thousands of people of all ages who already took the test. Dive in!


Organizer - Ruch Akademicki Pod Prąd

RAPP is a student organization, based in five Polish cities:Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań,Krakow and Gdańsk. We desire to help others and ourselves in personal development. We encourage everyone to think and grow in their spiritual understanding of life and the world. We are Christians of different denominations - like Catholic or Protestant. We want to live in intimacy with God and inspire others to seek intimacy with God as well.
RAPP is a division of Ruch Chrześcijański MT28, which is Polish chapter of CRU.

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